“自転車のある生活” を楽しむ全ての人々をサポートする製品を提供することが私たちの使命です。

"beruf" means "occupation" and "mission" in German.
We provide products that support all people enjoying "life with bicycles".
All of our products engaged in comfortable use and excellent quality are made of carefully chosen materials with original design.
Our products are carefully made each one of them by the craftsmen at reliable studio in Japan.

Urban Commuter
"The Urban Commuter (UC) line" is a full-fledged business bag collection with high functional and design for urban commuters.
Comfort and Functional
"The Comfort and Functional (CF) line" is a comfort bag collection that combines comfort and functionality for a life style with bicycles.
GEARED by beruf baggage
"GEARED (GR) label" which is based on the concept of "Life gear", is a bag collection specialized in activities to enhance the lifestyle of users.
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